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Solve consult by Balm is focused on supporting businesses with advisory services and resources to grow and scale exponentailly. We provide trainings on product development, business strategy, design thinking, standard operating procedures to enhance productivity and growth.

Business Training

Learn the different aspects of running a business

Leadership Training

Leaders are made. Learn the art of being a great leader to lead your team to greatness

Workforce Motivation

Empower your staff to enable them serve your customers with joy


Leadership, Business model development, Design thinking, Digital Marketing, Product management, Business Operations, Communications, Website design, Community development, Mental health, etc.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Build a sustainable and impactful organization

What Our Clients Have to Say

Solve consult helped me grow my business and introduced me to several investors.
S. Dame
From Lagos, Nigeria
Solve consult trained my staff and productivity increased by 100%
O. Peter
From Ibadan, Nigeria
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