Why Are You Depressed? Get Help Immediatly

Sometimes depression arises from the storms of life.

Talking about the causes of storms, according to Wikipedia – A storm is marked by high wind and often opens the door for massive amounts of water. Take note of the words WIND and WATER.

When life’s storm happens, do not focus on the Storm.

– Lost your job? Do not blame your boss. A better Job or business awaits you. Only if you forgive, move ahead, and believe in yourself
– Investment in business failed? Learn the lessons and move
– Had an accident? Share your testimony and encourage others (peace from broken pieces)
– Failed an exam multiple times? Try again and again
– In need of children? Don’t worry about the delay. Delay is not denial. But visit a standard hospital
– Unemployed? Heal your conscious mind and unleash your inner potential. Volunteer, intern, just serve someone or start a small business
– Heartbroken? Let go and let God in.

Be patient, believe in yourself, exercise, meditate and start over again. You will stand with those who have been successful before you.

Fail forward, Move forward. Be courageous. Have joy irrespective of all that has happened.

Everyone goes through storms. You have to focus on the positives, ignore the negatives, and unleash your inner genius.

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