My 29 Life Lessons

Life lessons

1. Gratitude: Be grateful to God for the gift of life.

2. Joy: Let your joy be based on the fact that you are alive and not attached to finances, career, or relationships. These are lessons I learned from Chude’s Joy masterclass.

3. Abundance mindset: Speak into the atmosphere. Declare that you are wealthy, healthy, and whole. Speak life into your existence.

4. Family: Be an asset to your family. Be there for them at all times.

5. Friends: Be the friend you want people to be to you.

6. Acquaintances: Be intentional about building great relationships and meeting new people.

7. Your health is your wealth: Do some exercise here and there, eat healthy and ensure your mental health is in great shape.

8. Personal Development: Learn a new skill, build competence, and do not be complacent. Leverage YouTube to  learn new skills and research on free online courses on platforms like EdX, Coursera, Future learn, W3 Schools.

9. Education: Education gives you an edge. Get educated, work hard, work smart, and get wisdom from God.

10. Volunteering: Look out for organizations where you can contribute and make an impact. E.g., The Future Project, AIESEC, JCI, Data Science Nigeria, Enactus, and other impact driven organizations.

11. Work: Start from somewhere, explore internships, marketing, or front desk roles. The experience and new relationships would shape your career.

12. Entrepreneurship: Identify what you are passionate about or a problem you want to solve, leverage design thinking and use a business model canvas to design a plan for the business.

13. Writing: Leave your legacy; write your thoughts and publish them. Learn how to write and publish your book here.

14. Explore global opportunities: Be open-minded and make efforts to expand your intellectual horizon. Learn more about global opportunities to explore from Olusola Amusan of  Vesti here.

15. The word and music: If you are a person of faith, explore YouVersion bible app, there are very insightful study plans to read daily. Practice daily affirmations and listen to music that would life your spirit up.

16. Spirituality: Believe in God and be spiritual. You were created to be the light of the world.

17. Values: Your values are what drives you. Being selfless and honest are some values that make you unique.

18. Self-love: You are worth it. Love yourself.

19. Health: Your health is your wealth. Be intentional about keeping fit, and living a healthy life.

20. Wealth: Your wealth is your health. Have a healthy work-life balance and make honest wealth that gives you peace of mind.

21. Legacy: What do you want to be remembered for? Write it down and work towards it each second of your existence.

22. A life of purpose: Write out what you believe you were created to do on earth and articulate the steps to make it happen.

23. Growth: In all aspects of life, you need to be intentional about learning new things and being the best in anything you decide to do.



24. Make Sacrifices: Make sacrifices such as spending an extra hour reading a book, learn a new skill, pay your first fruit, tithes, etc, give to others, go above and beyond at work. Practice the art of giving: Give something from time to time, no matter how small.

25. Be Happy: Despite all that you are going through, choose to be happy always. Believe that irrespective of what is happening in your life, all things are working for your good. Things are working for you and not to you

26. Make the world a better place: Do the right thing at all times and show love to others.

27. Faith: Faith being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. You cannot lose hope. All is well.

28. Vision: Have a mental picture of your preferred future and work towards it.

29. Career Growth: Define the different roles and responsibilities you have to take throughout your career journey to ensure the overall progress of your professional life.

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